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3 Artists
The Energy Hotel
Collaboration with artists Yngve Holen, Marli Mul & Randy Naylor
Nesflaten, Suldal
Energi Hotellet AS


The Suldal power plant and adjacent dining hall, designed by the renowned architect Geir Grung in the 60s, is listed among the 12 most significant modern buildings in Norway. New owners took over the dining hall to transform it into an exclusive hotel in 2006. Its generally good condition led to a philosophy of minimal intervention. Only non-original or elements added later have been replaced or modified. New elements have been designed by re-using materials from the power plant, such as cables, wires and ceramic insulators.

Helen & Hard invited 3 artists to develop parts of the interior with the intention to add more layers of exquisite value: the lightweight, moveable reception by Marli Mul, a flexible textile room divider by Yngve Holen and furniture in the conference room of Randy Naylor.

In this process Helen & Hard performed the role of a curator and negotiatiated between the artists’ and the clients’ interests.

The challenge of the task was to restore and, at the same time reinvent the valuable interior from the 60s, creating a new and fresh atmosphere still linked to the history of hydropower production.

The playful interventions of the artist serves as mediators between the original “raison détre” and the new use.

Team: Mari von Tuvalu

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