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Three Houses in Paradis
Stavanger, Norway
Jan Fjermestad AS / Jadarhus AS


The small site is located in a neighbourhood with preserved, 18th century timber villas. To meet the client’s wish to increase the density of his property Helen & Hard proposed three houses, which would interpret the traditional villa typology. Placed close to each other, the volumes are stepped to ensure maximum access to the exceptional seaside views for each house. During the design process, the relationship between the new dwellings, the preserved trees and the sloping topography played a significant role.

In all the three houses, the entry, sleeping areas and bathrooms, along with a two-floor high living room are located on the ground floor, while on the second floor there is a large living-room with extensive glass facades and a terrace overlooking adjacent houses toward the view. Each house has an essentially closed façade to its northern back face, designed as a sort of “shield”. This shield, which is covered with rough, dark timber boards, includes the roof, the back facade and the exterior storage space. It also provides a shelter, and protects against views into the private outdoor spaces. On the inside of the shield, towards the southern view, the facade is covered with smooth white painted timber boards.

Team: Reinhard Kropf, Håkon Solheim, Barbara Ascher

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